UNTAGUnited Nations Transition Assistance Group
UNTAGUniting Neighborhoods to Abolish Graffiti (Los Angeles, CA)
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Namibia, a country located in Southwest Africa, was characterized by adverse climatic conditions as well as low sanitary and hygienic standards of the local people within the period of the UNTAG mission operations.
The conducted analysis of the morbidity rate, incidence of diseases and traumas occurring in the population of military and civil personnel of the UNTAG peacekeeping mission in Namibia was based on the data included in medical records of patients provided with medical assistance at the 1st and 2nd level medical centers of national contingents.
Fortna, supra note 26, at 365-71 (noting that the UNTAG in Namibia had difficulty achieving mission goals because it would not integrate existing domestic structures with its own administration); see also ZAUM, supra note 17, at 64-65 (noting that the U.
transitional administrations: UNTAG (Namibia, 1988), UNTAC (Cambodia, 1992), UNTAES (Eastern Slavonia in Croatia, 1996), UNMIK (Kosovo in Serbia and Montenegro, 1999), and UNTAET (East Timor, 1999)).
When UNTAG began last year, Garcetti and his staff fanned out around his district and counted 20,763 tags.
With volunteer block captains, the main expenses of expanding UNTAG would be security cameras and community outreach.
Identifying policy entrepreneurs in the development of the mandate for UNTAG is more complicated, as the eventual shape of the mandate emerged over the course of a decade-long impasse in the peace process.
The UN established two operating arms: a Peace Promotion Division to continue UNOMSA's work under its original mandate, and an Electoral Division modelled on UNTAG in Namibia to implement its new undertakings.
included in this table: UNTAG (Namibia): $11,991,064; ONUSAL (El
Since UNTAG, the UN has authorized and deployed seventeen separate missions to postconflict states.
2005, for the United States for five operations: UNTAG (Namibia):
93) According to one analyst, UNTAG became a model for future missions in the early 1990s, setting the three main tasks for the early monitoring missions: "accompanying local police in performing their duties; receiving and investigating public complaints about the police; and supervising investigations conducted by local police.