UNTFUtah Navajo Trust Fund
UNTFUnited Nations Trust Fund
UNTFUnion of Nontenure Track Faculty (Michigan State University)
UNTFUnited National Film Corporation (stock symbol)
UNTFUnited Nations Trade Facilitation network
UNTFUniversities Nuclear Technology Forum (UK)
UNTFUnited Nations Task Force
UNTFUniform Normalized Tight Frame
UNTFUAV National Task Force
UNTFUrban Noise Task Force (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
UNTFUpson Narcotic Task Force
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We call the given a-tight frame UNTF if all columns [[parallel][f.sub.k][parallel].sub.2] = 1, in which case [alpha] = [square root of (K/M)].
where [PHI] is the reference UNTF of the previous dictionary.
Firstly, we take the normalized [[PHI].sub.0] as the initial UNTF; then (10) is used to seek for a new dictionary with a lower coherence, which is proximal to the reference UNTF of the previous one.