UNTLUniversidade Nacional Timor Lorosae (Portuguese: East Timor National University)
UNTLUniversity of Timor-Lorosae
UNTLUniversal Naval Task List
UNTLUniversity of North Texas Libraries
UNTLUnited Nigerian Textiles, PLC
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Even aftrer the intelligence element with the jumping command post transitions its general intelligence support requirements, it needs to maintain as much situational awareness as possible in order to inform the convoy of any threats in the area and provide input to the command post untl it can reestablish and resume control of the fight.
Our thanks and gratitude for the commitment from the student members of the research team at UNTL who were involved in data collection: Regina Xavier Carlos; Isolino Vas de Alegria; Constantino da Costa Ribeiro; Napoliao de Andrade Soares; Sergio da Siva Reis; Batista da Conceicao; Agostina Pereria.
NOTE: This meeting arranged late and declaration stage has been extended untl later today.
Having been taken off the streets by a man called Baba Jibrin, whom he said saw his untapped potential, Yekini started his football career playing for UNTL, a club owned by a textile company based in Kaduna.
All respondents in 2002 (n=320), 2007 (n=250) and 2010 (n=365) were tertiary students from the National University of Timor Lorosa'e (UNTL), University of Peace (UNPAZ), University of Dili (UNDIL) (10) and Dili Institute of Technology (DIT), and they were 18 years of age or over.
The Federal government's efforts aimed at the restoration of the country's textile sector, with the introduction of the N100 billion revival funds, have started materializing as the northern-based United Nigeria Textiles Limited (UNTL) which was in a dilapidated condition till now, has started recovering.
I visited the Resistencia Nacional--Arquivo & Museu in search of data on the names of those who have been involved in the Resistance, and with the help of some students from UNTL (Abrao, Aires, Epi, Mino, Vasco, ...--thank you boys!) and also from an old member of the "military front", I drew maps bringing together "Christian/Portuguese" names, "gentile" names, "war" names--some of the different names the guerrillas assumed in distinct circumstances.
October 7, 2007, while total job losses in the textile industry as a whole over the period under consideration was over 120,000, in Kaduna alone the final closure of textile firms and corresponding job losses was as follows: Kaduna Textiles Ltd-- 2,436; Arewa Textiles Plc--2,815; UNTL--4,000; Supertex ( subsidiary of UNTl) -1,514; Unitex ( subsidiary of UNTL) 901; Finetex--795; Nortex Ltd-- 1,325.
Key Personnel: Dougles Buteyn, Alaska Untl Mgr.; Patty Pettine, PE/Assoc.
The pipes that connect older homes to the water mains are often made of lead, and even if your house has new copper pipes, they may be lead-soldered (lead pipes and solder were banned in 1986, though the ban did not take effect in some states untl 1988).