UNTOCUnited Nations Convention Against Transnational Organised Crime
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Inspiration can be drawn from UNTOC which calls for consultation with a view to coordinating actions if a state exercising its jurisdiction has been notified or has otherwise learned that another state is conducting an investigation, prosecution or judicial proceeding in respect of the same conduct.
The Kingdom extended the UN Drug Convention to Curacao in 1999, and in 2010, the UNTOC was extended to Curacao.
Ghana and the United States do not have a MLAT, but records can be exchanged through other mechanisms such as the Egmont Group or as parties to the UNCAC and UNTOC.
The UNCAC and the UNTOC were extended to Hong Kong in 2006.
With 187 parties to the convention, and with similar numbers for the ratification of its protocols, UNTOC represented a "near-universal framework to address these challenges and thereby support peace, security, safety and development", Mr.
Portugal has a comprehensive AML enforcement mechanism that conforms to EU, 1988 UN Drug Convention and UNTOC standards.
Notwithstanding obligations under both the UNCAC and the UNTOC to establish the liability of legal persons for participating in corruption, money laundering, and other serious crimes, there is no criminal liability for legal persons in Russia.
The UNTOC meeting will gather counterparts from around the world to advance international cooperation and share best practices in the fight against transnational crime.
In 1999, the Kingdom extended the UN Drug Convention to Sint Maarten, and in 2010, the UNTOC was extended to Sint Maarten.
In 2010, Turkmenistan adopted new amendments to its criminal code to bring it into compliance with the 1988 UN Drug Convention and the UNTOC.