UNTSUnited Nations Treaty Series
UNTSUniversity of North Texas System (Denton, TX)
UNTSUnidad Nacional de Trabajadores Salvadoreños (Spanish: National Union of Salvadoran Workers, El Salvador)
UNTSUnilateral Naevoid Telangiectatic Syndrome
UNTSUnited Nations Transitional Strategy
UNTSUniversal Needs Tracking System
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UNTS is comprised of four business units: University of North Texas, UNT Health Science Center,
referred to as UNTS, is accepting proposals and intends to enter into an agreement with a vendor that
UNTS is seeking a simple user interface that delivers a high degree of automation, integration, and improved business processes and workflow.
ongoing progress of key programs and themes common to all UNTS campuses
2 Development of materials which present themes of UNTS major regional services, consistent
3 Narrative support of partnership opportunities to advance the regional services of UNTS
presentation of UNTS information on websites and monitoring of success of UNTS website and
other online social networks important to UNTS constituencies
In order to assist with new projects, UNTS will assess the selected firms on a
are managed by UNTS or by any of its component institutions.
Engineering Services for UNTS facilities and its component institutions.