UNTWOUnited Nations World Tourism Organization
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En 2011, la Word Tourism Organization (UNTWO) presento el documento intitulado Tourism Towards 2030, en el cual se establece que el futuro brinda oportunidades grandiosas para que el turismo sea el centro en la agenda politica y economica, buscando el reconocimiento por su contribucion al crecimiento y desarrollo economico.
Last year, emerging market countries attracted 4.1 percent more tourists while their mature counterparts catered for 3.6 percent more travellers, according to UNTWO data.
The UNTWO (2011) notes that in the case of developing nations, tourism often results in a number of less-than-optimal outcomes including:
UNTWO secretary-general Taleb Rifai said: "The continuation of this policy with the Vision 2020 is an opportunity to consolidate the achievements of the last decade, consider the lessons learned, and continue maximising tourism's contribution to the prosperity of Morocco and its people."
According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisations (UNTWO), South Africa, which has already established itself as a prominent tourist destination with nearly 10 million tourists each year, is expecting continued growth as a result of the World Cup.
Currently she is the Advisor for UNWTOs Secretary General and is also the Chairperson of the UNTWO Task Force on Gender in Tourism.
According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), outbound Chinese tourists spent approximately $270 billion in 2017, up from $261 billion in 2016.
The top 10 Arab countries on the UNTWO annual report represent 3.8 % of the total international tourism revenue of US $1.5 trillion during 2015.
Speaking at a conference hosted by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNTWO), the UNODC Chief said that tourism and travel are an integral part of global connectivity, but were also extremely vulnerable to the predations of organized criminals and terrorists.
According to a UNTWO research, public-private sector cooperation is growing quite rapidly in all parts of the world, in emerging economies as well as in developed countries: more and more participants and special-interest groups are becoming involved in this cooperation, not only those directly involved in tourism.
The UNTWO forum, entitled Tourism & Aviation: Building a common agenda for growth, focused on the need for synergy between the aviation and tourism sectors.
"The Middle East and Africa are forecast to record growth at rates of more than five per cent year, compared to the world average of 4.1 per cent," said the World Tourism Organisation (UNTWO) in its 2020 vision forecasts.