UNU-INWEHUnited Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health
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Waste chemicals "accumulate in the environment and can have toxic effects in fish", said Edward Jones, the lead author at UNU-INWEH who also works at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.
Vladimir Smakhtin, director of UNU-INWEH, said the study was part of research into how best to secure fresh water for a rising population without harming the environment.
Nakheel approached UNU-Inweh in 2004 requesting for science to be part of their management strategy and a partnership was sealed in 2007.
Charles Trick, aquatic sciences and microbial ecology professor at the University of Western Ontario working with UNU-Inweh said it would have been good to see how one of the palm islands did before building the others to judge environmental challenges.
The two-year environmental monitoring study was implemented by UNU-INWEH at Nakheel developments including Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali.
The news was revealed at the Second Annual Marine Monitoring workshop held at Zayed University, run by Nakheel and UNU-INWEH, which provides information on the design and operation of coastal monitoring programmes.
Our work with UNU-INWEH has already provided valuable information on how we can manage our marine communities and contribute to the development of thriving eco-systems," stated Abdulrahman Kalantar, MD - Nakheel Asset Management, Design & Development.
"With UNU-INWEH, we are working with some of the world's leading experts so that we can execute our marine management responsibilities at the highest level to expand our capabilities in the future," said Amin Al Mulla, COO, EHS-Trakhees.
UNU-INWEH s mandate is to contribute, through capacity development and directed research, to efforts to resolve pressing global water problems that are of concern to the United Nations, its member states and their peoples.
Canada s support to UNU-INWEH contributes to finding durable solutions to global water problems, with positive impacts on health, food security and nutrition.
Zafar Adeel, director of the United Nations University International Network on Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH), and a report co-author, said: "This study underscores how often early 'alarm bells' with respect to emerging issues can be heard and must be heeded.