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And so it happened that in early 2007 Ron Unz became the effective owner of TAC.
Unz, a software millionaire and Bernie Sanders supporter, has fought bilingual education, funded white supremacist and anti-gay research, and led a failed election campaign for the Harvard Board of Overseers based on the notion that too many unqualified minorities are being admitted to that once-illustrious institution.
"To a large extent, the undocumented job window in America would have permanently slammed shut," Unz wrote.
Unz notes that polls show that Latino parents want their children taught in English.
The first part of this essay briefly discusses the political, social, and cultural context in which Unz and the Proposition 227 campaign operated.
Rodgers cites an interesting exchange of ideas in Commentary between its former editor Norman Podhoretz and a Silicon Valley multimillionaire, Ron Unz, in the wake of the Twin Towers bombing on September 11, 2001.
The proposition, also known as the "Unz Initiative" was the creation of Silicon Valley millionaire, Ron Unz, who personally financed $700,000 of the $1.2 million campaign cost.
Second language learners in this country are not achieving grade level proficiency in English as required by current federal mandates (Callahan, Unz & Vega, 1998).
At 777 Westchester Avenue, the Cotyledons (pronounced kot l eed' unz)--an innovative sculpture by David Boyajian, will be the centerpiece of a new outdoor seating area.
The initiative was championed by Silicon Valley businessman Ron Unz, who led similarly successful efforts to abolish bilingual education in Arizona and California.
The direction of today's education policy in California largely derives from the English for the Children initiative passed in 1998, sponsored by millionaire conservative Ron Unz and upheld by the courts.
All are promoted by one wealthy Californian, Ron Unz, who's had success with similar measures elsewhere in past years.