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UNuTUniversity of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
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Boyan Stavrev, commander of Bulgaria's National Guards Regiment, told the bTV private channel Monday that his unut may very well end up appointing women, claiming that would make Bulgaria the first country in the world to have official female guards in front of its Presidency.
Another candidate for the purificatory rites alluded to in the primary inquiry here is CTH 480, "Rituel de Samuha." Note KUB 29.7 i 1-2: nu hudak DINGIR-LUM ISTU SA LUGAL humandas hurdiyas uddani gangataizzi, "Then from the direction off the king (s)he immediately purifies the deity with gangati in the matter of all the curses." Although no throne is mentioned in this text, the "paraphernalia of the king/queen" (UNUT LUGAL/MUNUS.LUGAL) appears frequently.