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UODUnified Object Type Descriptor
UODUniversity of Durham (UK)
UODUniverse of Discourse
UODUnderstanding Our Differences (est. 1978; Newton, MA)
UODUniform of the Day
UODUltimate Oxygen Demand
UODUnit Of Delivery
UODUser-Owned Device
UODUnless Otherwise Directed
UODUser-Oriented Design
UODUnsecured Overdraft (banking)
UODUnexploded Ordnance Disposal
UODUnit of Destruction (gaming clan)
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Since [DELTA]P/[DELTA]V is larger on the right side than its value on the left side of the MPP, the UOD of the FLC input [DELTA]P/[DELTA]V should be asymmetrical.
According to the UoD Alumni Association's Alumni-Student Mentoring Programme (ASMP), mentors who are key to community education have been described as "heart-giving individuals".
Type II changes occured to a remote sensing application due to lack of communication between clients and developers insufficient domain knowledge change in UoD or changes in the requirements of clients.
The objectives of the study were threefold: 1) To identify the perception of medical interns towards the learning environment present in the surgical theatre at medical school teaching hospital, UoD; 2) To investigate possible relationships between the learning environment and academic achievements; and 3) To determine whether gender has any significant effect on the above issues.
He writes: "I don't know the Greek translation of 'That which ought to be proved' but the Latin translation is Q(uod) E(rat) D(emonstrandum)."
Technically, the business domain being modeled is called the universe of discourse (UoD), since it is the universe (or world) that we are interested in discoursing (or talking) about.
-- Robust and proven universal optical disc (UOD) software stack reduces development risks and supports all Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD profiles.
-- Powerful, easy to use API, with the ability to accelerate and off-load host application code, as well as comprehensive universal optical disc (UOD) software stack supporting legacy & advanced blue laser disk profiles.
While these shifts were more apparent in Manila with the organization of an early form of labor confederation, the Union Obera Democratica (UOD), fundamental changes were also taking place in the rural workforce.
Unter Mitwirkung von Adorno uod Scholem, Hg., Tiedemann und Schweppenhauser (Frankfurt/M: Suhrkamp Verlag, 1991).
Another frequently used term is universe of discourse (UoD), but we stick to the term subject domain here.
The purist approaches for schema design have a theoretical foundation that is well understood and defined on the basis of the so-called universal relation, where all relations have to be defined by projections of this universal relation, and all rules concerning the Universe of Discourse (UoD) have to be specified relative to this universal relation in terms of functional and/or multivalued dependencies.