UoIUniversity of Ioannina (Ioannina, Greece)
UoIUnit of Interchange
UoIUniversity of Illinois
UoIUniversity of Iowa
UoIUnion Of Ontario Indians
UoIUnit of Inquiry (education)
UoIUnit Of Issue
UoIUniversité de l'Océan Indien (French: University of the Indian Ocean; educational program; various locations)
UoIUrban Outfitters, Inc.
UoIUnless Otherwise Instructed
UoIUtilities Operating Instruction
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UOI (1978) has been given a new dimension to our rights.
Stalte), and since the publication of the newspaper "Livli" (Livli A) the length of the polyphthongs was systematically marked (ie, uo, ai, uoi).
In selective mutation study [27], it was found that the mutation operators, ABS, AOR, LCR, ROR and UOI, were sufficient for generating mutants.
In addition to furnishing Dowd with purified material for the insect trials, Berhow has put his analytical chemistry skills to use assisting Elvira DeMejia, a UoI associate professor who is studying anti-inflammatory and other beneficial properties of saponins from yerba mate leaves, which are used to make a popular South American tea.
Na Foufu, as disciplinas do curso profissionalizante foram reunidas em unidades de ensino: unidade de diagnostico estomatologico (Ude), unidade estomatologica integrada (Uei I), unidade de odontologia infantil (Uoi), unidade de odontologia social e preventiva (Uosp), e unidade de clinica odontoestomatologica integrada (Ucoei).
The Rakai male circumcision trial was supported by a grant (UOI AI11171-01-02) from the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), Division of AIDS, National Institutes of Health (NIH), and in part by the Division of Intramural Research, NIAID, NIH.
John Beaucage will continue on in the role of Anishinabek Nation-Union of Ontario Indians (UOI) grand council chief for another three years after being acclaimed during the UOI election held on Sand Point First Nation on June 13 during the organization's annual general assembly.
Two former Union of Ontario Indian (UOI) grand chiefs, Vern Roote and Earl Commanda, and another UOI candidate, Eugene Manitowabi, are also rumored to be sniffing the political wind and assessing their chances.
Sa vedem poemul: "Oooeeiii": "Oeiiioao eioaoel/Eieoaioeieea oiee;/uui uio ea'l ioe/uueio ooo e a- eo/oiuoiuoiu./Aaaio ei uoi aaaaa o uie/eeiou aaa euio/io uui??/ lalo iiiiiiiiiiiiii/uuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiueeeeeeee/ aaaaooooooooooooo." Dincolo de insiruirea de vocalica, necuvintele descriu zavoiul, valceaua.
On a day when the favourites went in on railway lines the bookies were waving white flags and, by the end of the afternoon, were trying to rearrange the letters UOI into a well-known phrase or saying.
The MHA had to fix an age for retirement after the High Court of Delhi in a case between Deputy Commandant (ITBP) Dev Sharma vs Union of India (UOI) directed it to arrive at a retirement age which would be common to all CAPFs and also the date from which it would become applicable.