UORSUnusual Occurrence Reporting System
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Police," (144) or "UOR Report of September 10, 2015 involving
Significantly elevated UORs were found for female sex, middle age (35-49 years), widowed/separated/divorced, lower educational attainment, low income and non-commissioned rank at release (Table 1).
Those with three or more physical conditions and at least one mental condition had a high prevalence of ideation (21.5%, CI: 18.0%-25.5%) and markedly increased odds of ideation (UOR 17.3, CI: 9.5-31.6) relative to those with two or fewer physical and no mental conditions.
"Motorsport firms have become specialised in UORs. Our members were saying to the MoD they could get answers to problems in weeks, rather than years."
For example, the MoD has said that it has spent more than 3.6 billion [pounds sterling] on UORs in Iraq and Afghanistan since operations in the two countries began; about 85% of the money has been devoted to force protection.
UORs have accordingly mushroomed in the last decade.
For BAE Systems, the UORs it has completed break down into many hundreds of modifications that it has made to vehicles and other equipment in more recent conflicts.
This has resulted in the Ministry of Defence issuing more than 4 billion [pounds sterling] of urgent operational requirements (UORs), covering a range of force protection equipment such as armoured patrol vehicles, through to infantry advancements such as heavy machine guns, night vision goggles and lightweight thermal imagers.
According to Rear Admiral Rees Ward, chief executive of ADS, the leading defence industry trade association, this high level of UORs has come about because the MoD's existing equipment was not designed to face the specific environmental challenges or the evolving threat of current operations.
Although some roles might be fulfilled by vehicles already in service or on order under UORs, Lockheed Martin considers that there is still a requirement for further protected utility vehicles.
OCELOT-FOXHOUND: Deployed to Afghanistan in early June 2012 the Ocelot, developed by Force Protection Europe (now part of General Dynamics Land Systems) and known in the British Army as Foxhound, was delivered in 18 months rather than the originally scheduled three years as it was purchased under a hybrid UOR programme.