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UOSUnless Otherwise Stated
UOSUniversal Operating System
UOSUnit of Study (education)
UOSUniversity of Sharjah
UOSUrban Operating System
UOSUniversity Operations Services (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA)
UOSUniversity of Sheffield (Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK)
UOSUniversity Of Osnabrueck (Osnabrueck, Germany)
UOSUniversity of Southampton (UK)
UOSUniversity of Seoul
UOSUniversity of Sargodha (Pakistan)
UOSUniversity of Stavanger (Norway)
UOSUniversity of Salford (England)
UOSUnless Otherwise Specified
UOSUnits of Service
UOSUniversity of Sunderland (UK)
UOSUniversity Office of Sustainability (University of New Hampshire)
UOSUnited Orthodox Synagogues (Houston, Texas)
UOSUnion of Students (UK)
UOSUser Out of Service (SS7 SCCP)
UOSUniversal OPC Server
UOSUnderstandability of Software
UOSUser Operations Support
UOSUndelivered Order Schedule
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The Virtual University will provide its Learning Management System Examination System and international quality academic contents to UOS.
2) As utilization of these nontraditional modalities continues to increase, the idea of the patient visit as the UOS becomes blurry.
Additionally, the notion of the UOS has become ambiguous because it was used to refer to either replicators or vehicles, depending on the choice of the author (Wilson and Sober, 1994).
UOS includes five family-owned and operated businesses: Custom Truck & Equipment, Utility Fleet Sales, Forestry Equipment of Virginia, UCO Equipment, and TNT Equipment.
ISH plans to operate UOS as a separate subsidiary while retaining its current management team.
We needed a solution that could support the highest quality of service delivery within our newly-established Best Practices - one which addresses the breadth of our internal business units as well as the unique needs of the schools and University departments that we serve," explained Paul Malagrifa, director of applied technologies for UOS at Harvard.
This programme is one of many others that are in preparation and will be released later to be a quantum leap in the strategic plan of UOS to serve the whole community in the emirate of Sharjah in particular, and the UAE as a whole.
All we wanted is the experience of playing against such high-quality teams and we can be proud of what we have achieved here," the UOS told Gulf News.
According to MoU the WWF Pakistan will provide research opportunities to the students of the UOS to collect, compile and synthesize data and research on 35 active projects being run by the WWF Pakistan in the areas of nature wildlife, water, marine, climate change and resource conservation.