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UPAUnited Progressive Alliance (Indian political group)
UPAUsability Professionals' Association
UPAUn Paso Adelante (Spanish TV drama)
UPAUnion Professionnelle Artisanale (French: Professional Artisan Union)
UPAUnion des Producteurs Agricoles (Canada; Union)
UPAUnión de Pequeños Agricultores (Spanish: United Small Farmers)
UPAUniversity of Pennsylvania
UPAUltimate Players Association
UPAUniversity Publications of America
UPAUnited Productions of America
UPAUniform Partnership Act (Law)
UPAUniversal Powerline Association
UPAUnited Palestinian Appeal (Washington, DC)
UPAUSA Patriot Act
UPAUltra Port Architecture (High Bandwidth for Display)
UPAUrban Priority Area
UPAUtah Psychological Association
UPAUnited Protestant Association
UPAUnited Pilots' Alliance (gaming)
UPAUp Auxiliary
uPAUrokinase-Like Plasminogen Activator (a protease)
UPAUniversal Port Aventura (Spanish Universal theme park)
UPAUtopia Pathway Association
UPAUnits Per Assembly
UPAUnit Pentadbiran Am (Malaysian government agency)
UPAUndergraduate Policy Analysis (UC, Berkeley)
UPAUnion Postale Arabe (Arab Postal Union)
UPAUkrainian Planetariums Association
UPAUnauthorized Precedence Announcement
UPAUnit Pay Administrator
UPAUnited Professionals' Association
UPAUnits Per Application (US Navy supply)
UPAUkrainskaya Povstancheskaya Armiya (pro-Nazi WWII organization in Ukraine; Ukraine Rebel Army)
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In order to align Indian fuel prices more closely with world market prices, thereby enabling domestic oil and gas producers to finance exploration and extraction, the UPA government had announced that natural-gas prices would be doubled from April 1.
It projected only 57 seats for the Congress and a total of just 70 for the UPA.
The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has demanded the UPA government to step down alleging that it has been reduced to a minority after the DMK withdrew support but the Congress and its allies are unperturbed.
The Pro Charge Capture software has been a very effective tool in ensuring coding compliance and we see the importance of the MedAptus solution within our workflows only increasing with ICD-10 approaching," said David Haier, director of business development at UPA.
The UPA aims to catalyze t he growth of Powerline technology by delivering UPA plug tested and certified products that comply with these specified standards and regulations.
Worldwide, statistics show that 6% of vehicles were equipped with UPAs in 2003, 9% in 2004, 12% in 2005 and this market penetration could reach 20% in 2006.
Correlations exist between uPA concentrations and the metastatic potential of different cell lines;
A total of 242 patients were deemed to be at high risk due to a tumor uPA and/or PAI-1 above this threshold; they were randomized to either observation only or combination chemotherapy.
Of women with high concentrations of uPA and PAI-1 who got chemotherapy, about 12 percent relapsed, Prechtl reports.
He presented data from a new European multicenter trial in which uPA and PAI-1 levels were used to guide adjuvant chemotherapy in 556 women with node-negative breast cancer.
During both UPA I and II, he was frequently consulted on security matters.
The C-Voter exit poll suggests that the NDA might get around 289 seats while the UPA will get only 101 seats.