UPAFUnited Performing Arts Fund (Wisconsin)
UPAFUnion of Pro-Azerbaijani Forces (politics)
UPAFUnity Performing Arts Foundation (Fort Wayne, IN)
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[alpha]-taxonomic diversity: Was observed that the Average Taxonomic Distinctness (A+) index had higher value of taxonomic spider diversity in SCMS than in UPAF and AMF in Misiones province, although not significantly different among the three ecoregions from the expected by random (Table 1; Fig.
The proportions of shared species between SCMS and UPAF (or and AMF) were the lowest, i.e.
These results are also supported by its location in quite different ecoregions of Misiones: forests (UPAF and AMF) vs.
TABLE 1 [alpha]-taxonomic diversity values of jumping spiders (Salticidae) for ecoregions at the Misiones Province, Argentina, according to the indices proposed by Clarke and Warwick (1998) Ecoregion Species Average Taxonomic Variation in Taxonomic Richness Distinctness Distinctness ([DELTA]+) ([LAMBDA]+) UPAF 91 56.51 107.46 AMF 53 55.87 131.50 * SCMS 28 57.54 75.69 *: statistically significant different from the predicted value by a randomization test (P < 0.05).
This study evaluates the temporal dynamics--including effects of ENSO, precipitation, and fire--of a marginal terrestrial small-mammal community in an isolated Cerrado patch within the UPAF, at the southwestern distributional limit of the Cerrado and near the western limit of the UPAF in eastern Paraguay.
The RNBM is located within the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest (UPAF) ecoregion in an area where patches of Cerrado are also present.