UPAGUnion Pearson AirLink Group (Canada)
UPAGUpland Path Advisory Group (Scotland, UK)
UPAGUniquely Parsable Array Grammar (computer science)
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The whole genome sequence of EC958 was studied, and it was found to contain the drug resistance gene [bla.sub.CTX-M15] and multiple virulence factors involved with UPEC, including genes encoding autotransporter proteins (PicU, UpaH, UpaG and Ag43), adhesins (curli, type 1 fimbriae and a fimbrial adhesin) and siderophore biosynthesis genes (enterobactin, aerobactin and yersiniabactin).
UPMMG, formerly called United Pinoy Auto Group (UPAG) was formed on the occasion of the 111th Philippine Independence Day.
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