UPAMUnit Program Account Manager (US Air Force)
UPAMUser Primary Access Method
UPAMUnited Planting Association of Malaysia (est. 1897)
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Underground Pipeline Asset Management (UPAM) Status Report
Speakers: Tom Iseley, Chair, UPAM Committee & Professor at IUPUI; George Ruchti, Sales Manager-Southern Region, American SpiralWeld Pipe Co., Chair of UPAM Water-PCA (Pipeline Condition Assessment) Task Committee; Dennis Doherty, Project Manager-Jacobs Engineering, Chair, UPAM Sewer-PCA Task Committee
He said bomb experts recovered an improvised explosive device in Upam's tricycle.
Cynthia Guiani Sayadi; Mamasapano, Maguindanao Mayor Benzar Ampatuan; Jack Ampatuan Lumenda; Sukarto "Manguten/Teng" Singh; one Inspector Mariga of the Maguindanao police; Samer "Mama" Uy; Samsudin Ampatuan; Kage Ali Midtimbang; Kage Melo Lumenda; Farid Adas; Nanun Ampatuan; Pandag Ampatuan; Amerah Ampatuan Mamalapat; Rebecca Ampatuan; Reshal Santiago Ampatuan; Dali "Kumander Boy" Kamendan; Sahara Upam Ampatuan; Rowel Santiago; Kempar Silongan; Kamsa "Kudta" Salik; Sangutin Musa; Daud "Kumander Kwatro" Kamendan; Digo Mamalapat; Monir Asim Sr.; Monng Ampatuan Asim; Harris Ampatuan Macapendeg; Kuka Ebos; Mautin Upam; Tamano "Barakuda" Sabpa; Borgo "Rey" Kasan, Salahudin "Tho" Uday; Hashim
"Mistro" Esmael; Joel Tatak, Rene Upam; Kaking Inggo; a certain policeman Biton; Allandatu Angas; Roger Mamalo; Jainodin "Zainodin" Abutazil; Manak Malaguial; Kabili Sumagkang; Ben Carandang; Kage Sabog; Abusama Simpal; Kamad Ampatuan; Faizal Ampatuan; Kudzbari L.
Muksan said policemen in Datu Odin Sinsuat also arrested a Mike Upam Datukaka of Kabuntalan, Maguindanao for carrying an unlicensed .45 caliber pistol.
Benjamin Magalong of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group said the deaths of Usman and the other members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters were confirmed by Datu Toks Upam of MILF's Committee for the Cessation of Hostilities, and Datu Gayat-Midtimbang of Barangay (village) Mote in Guindulungan.
Ampatuan said this had happened in neighboring Shariff Aguak town, where the wife of her husbands brother Zaldy, Zahara Upam Ampatuan, has remained in hiding after being ordered arrested by Judge Jabido last year for an allegedly false murder charge.
"Please let the government know that if a military solution is needed, let them get on with it, then let the people go home," said Emadia Upam, 39.
The new suspects, who were named by prosecution witnesses at the ongoing trial of the first batch of accused, include members of the Ampatuan clan, including Mayors Jakub "Jack" Ampatuan Lumenda of Rajah Buayan, Reshal Ampatuan of Datu Unsay, Benzar Ampatuan of Mamasapano, and Zahara Upam Ampatuan of Shariff Aguak.
Kempar Silongan, Kamsa "Kudta" Salik, Sangutin Musa, Daud "Kumander Kwatro" Kamendan, Digo Mamalapat, Monir Asim Sr., Kuka Ebos, Mautin Upam, Tamano "Barakuda" Sabpa, Borgo "Rey" Kasan, Salahudin "Tho" Uday, Hashim "Mistro" Esmael, Joel Tatak, Rene Upam, Kaking Inggo; a certain policeman surnamed Biton;