UPAPUrban Poverty Alleviation Program (Pakistan)
UPAPUnion Patronale Ariege Pyrenees (French: Employer's Union Areige Pyrenees; Areige Pyrenees, France)
UPAPUser/Password Authentication Protocol
UPAPUlman Personality Assessment Procedure (art therapy)
UPAPUtah's Physician Assistant Program (University of Utah; Salt Lake City, UT)
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As of July 1998, UPAP has opened its own account in the FWB.
Women are targeted as clients because the model on which UPAP is based, according to the Programme Manager, were designed that way.
The skills development arm of the project has not been pursued by UPAP because borrowers were reluctant to pay for the services.
According to the Eighth UPAP Quarterly Report (July-September 2000), 94 percent of the loans disbursed so far have been accessed by women, and 6 percent by men.
The variance between the product design, its conception, and hence implementation by UPAP tends not only by-pass the programme objectives, but may actually be instrumental in perpetuating the subordination, and under-utilisation of the potential for improving the status of women.
UPAP boasts of a 95 percent cumulative recovery rate over the last 5 years.
The provision however, is not perceived by UPAP as a short-term measure that needs to be overcome by direct intervention, and provision of skills.
Of a total of 1326 current UPAP borrowers, 40 percent are estimated by the Programme Manager to be using the loan themselves.
4 percent of women in our sample said the provision of training facilities by UPAP was desirable.
Just as the mobility constraint was overcome by UPAP in case of loan disbursements, so also does some thought need to be given for UPAP intervention in making a commercial bank facility available to the borrowers.
Given the complementary general welfare thrust of UPAP, networking with other welfare organisations is recommended.
The essence of the need to concentrate on women is misunderstood by the UPAP.