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UPARUrokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator Receptor (also seen as u-PAR)
UPARUnit Public Affairs Representative
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It has been emphasized that PKA, which controls the inflammatory responses in the brain, controls the expression of some important cytokines, such as IL-6, induces the production of the uPAR (5, 7), and plays a critical role in brain development.
The association between high levels of uPA, uPAR and PAI-1 and poor prognosis has been convincingly demonstrated in colorectal, breast, ovarian, prostatic and gastroesophageal cancer (Duffy et al., 1990; Grendahl-Hansen et al., 1993; Pedersen et al., 1994a; Pedersen et al., 1994b; Grendahl-Hansen et al., 1995; Stephens et al., 1999; Foekens et al., 2000; Heyer-Hansen & Lund, 2007; Almasi, HeyerHansen, Christensen, & Pappot, 2009; Almasi et al., 2011; Lund et al., 2011; Brungs et al., 2017).
Msh2 deficiency clearly causes contraction of the mononucleotide repeats Bat37 and Bat59 in the normal mouse colon, but the deletions were not as extensive in the shorter repeats (uPAR and Bat24).
The goat polyclonal antibodies directed to claudin-1, ZO-1, or FPR1, or the rabbit polyclonal antibodies directed to claudin-5, GFAP, uPAR, FPR2, FPR3, NF-[kappa]B p65, pNF-[kappa]B p65 ([Ser.sup.276]), or STAT3, or the monoclonal antibody directed to the active form of caspase-3, or the mouse monoclonal antibody directed to pSTAT3 ([Tyr.sup.705]) were used.
Zhou, and et al., "MiR-10b is overexpressed in hepatocellular carcinoma and promotes cell proliferation, migration and invasion through RhoC, uPAR and MMPs," Journal of Translational Medicine, vol.
In this study, we explored the urinary excretion of uPAR expressing podocytes in patients with Fabry disease and the induction of uPAR expression by lyso-Gb, a bioactive lipid accumulated in Fabry disease.
Carmeliet, "uPAR: a versatile signalling orchestrator," Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, vol.
However, from the physiopathological point of view, we treated the patient with amiloride, as podocyturia was elevated, due to the fact that we and others have demonstrated that, in the podocyte detachment that occurs in IgA nephropathy, podocyte urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor (uPAR) may be involved, with potential coupling of basal membrane integrins, such as [alpha]V[beta]3 or [alpha]3[beta]1 [15].
Nurses should begin patient and caregiver education as soon as possible after ostomy placement (Duruk & Upar, 2013).
UPPER COURT, UPAR FORT OR UPAR KOT--THE LAST IS THE MOST COMMONLY used--is the commercial arm of Aligarh, a town that is a four-hour drive from New Delhi.