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UPASUnderpass (US Postal service standard street suffix)
UPASUnit Performance Assessment System
UPASUniversal Pilots Application Service
UPASUAV Performance Assessment System
UPASUrokinase-Type Plasminogen Activator System (dermatology)
UPASUAS Performance Assessment System (formerly UAV, the unmanned community now recognizes the entire system)
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Then, the same attempt was made for the UPA of Ceilandia, due to its low productivity and difficulty in hiring staff.
Os dados referentes ao Inventario 100%, realizado para cada uma das unidades de producao anual (UPA) exploradas, foram produzidos pelas empresas concessionarias obedecendo as diretrizes tecnicas para apresentacao de plano de manejo florestal sustentavel e plano operacional anual, contidas na Norma de Execucao N.o 1/2007 do IBAMA (IBAMA, 2007).
Devoting most part of his over 30 minute speech to targeting Modi, Gandhi said while the previous Congress-led UPA had created poverty eradication schemes, the prime minister "dismantled everything."
Routehappy Hub is a cloud-based solution that helps airlines create, manage and distribute targeted product and ticket attribute content, in standardized formats UPA (Universal Product Attribute) and UTA (Universal Ticket Attribute) wherever flights are displayed.
Nao havia, portanto, segundo eles, razao para a construcao de mais uma UPA naquela area, a nao ser como disseram varios entrevistados que "fosse uma jogada politica".
Asimismo, son contemplados aspectos como el tamano de cada unidad de produccion agricola (UPA), las tasas de migracion y la presencia de instituciones educativas agropecuarias.
(53) The penultimate stanza reveals once more Lynch's veneration of Charles Stewart Parnell as he depicts his feUow-carousers offering up a prayer 'that heaven might nerve his arm / To hew down the Upas Tree' (ll.
A insatisfacao da sociedade brasileira sobre o atendimento da saude nas situacoes de emergencia impulsionou o pais a criar a Politica Nacional de Atencao as Urgencias (PNAU), cujo principal componente de atendimento pre-hospitalar fixo sao as unidades de pronto atendimento (UPAs).
According to Pusuh, the language of the Punan in Kutai differs from that in Bulungan, He gave me some examples which, with the exception of the words for blowpipe poison (upas) and eating (kuman), I had not found in other Punan word lists.
Field trial was conducted for screening of ten promising short duration pigeonpea genotypes (AL 1495, AL 1735, AL 1747, AL 1770, AL 1790, PA 409, PUSA-2012-1, PA 406, AL 201, PAU 881) along with two checks, Manak and UPAS 120 against lepidopteran pod borers and pod fly at Norman E.
We agree with Cruz, Roman and Pavon (2015) that UPAs which are dependent on Universities should, with prior agreement, develop the media competencies of elder students and thus help palliate the socio-economic differences in access to ICTs and multimedia communication that have come to light in the present study.