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UPBUniversity of Paderborn (NRW, Germany)
UPBUniversity of Pittsburgh at Bradford (Bradford, PA)
UPBUniversidad Privada Boliviana (Spanish: Bolivian Private University)
UPBUltimate PHP Board
UPBUniversidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Spanish)
UPBUniversal Powerline BUS
UPBUnpaid Principal Balance (mortgage and asset-based banking)
UPBUniversity of the Philippines Baguio (Baguio City, Philippines)
UPBUniversitatea Politehnica Bucuresti (Romanian: Polytechnic University of Bucharest; Bucharest, Romania)
UPBUndergraduate Programs in Business (various universities)
UPBPatriotic Union of Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)
UPBUniversity Programming Board (universities)
UPBUnmanned Production Buoy (oil industry)
UPBUnited Pursuit Band
UPBUnion Programming Board (University of Oklahoma; Norman, OK)
UPBUnique Perceived Benefit
UPBUniversally Preferable Behaviour (philosophy)
UPBUniversität Von Paderborn (Germany)
UPBUlster Protestant Boys (band)
UPBUnion Plasturgie Bâtiment (French: Plastics Building Union)
UPBUniversal Plastic Bag Manufacturing Co.
UPBUniversity of Politehnica Bucharest (Romania)
UPBUniversal Pressure Boiler
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In 2015, UPB started summer-school classes for girls aged from five to 10-years-old.
Our resignation from UPB is not unprecedented - the reputable Darik radio has also left the Association of Bulgarian Broadcasters (ABBRO), but continues to work on providing a normal professional environment for Bulgarian media," Gocheva elaborated.
In March, Ally Bank said it agreed to sell MSRs with UPB of USD34bn to Quicken Loans for USD280m and MSR with UPBA ofA USD90bn to Ocwen for USD585m, with the prices beingA estimatedA as at end-January.
El computador finalmente termino en un museo del laboratorio de la UPB y unos estudiantes lo desarmaron para estudiar sus componentes", agrega el profesor Betancur.
Fue tambien docente de catedra de la Facultad de Ingenieria Mecanica de la UPB en donde dirigio cursos de mecanica de materiales.
Data used to model the potential distribution in the UPB were taken from the Embrapa Pantanal database (Long Term Ecological Program--PELD/CNPq), and the Secretariats of the Environment of the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.
Si comparamos los resultados obtenidos para este estudio al utilizar reactivos de la UPB y de la UH, de las figuras 3 y 4 se observa que ambas reacciones presentan un comportamiento diferente, notese que con los reactivos de la UPB la tendencia obtenida es parecida a una linea recta con una sola pendiente, mientras que al utilizar los reactivo de la UH los cambios de la concentracion en el tiempo en que esta ocurriendo la reaccion son bruscos, observandose tres trayectos con pendientes diferentes.
Especialista en Automatica UPB 2001, y estudios de Maestria en Ingenieria, 2001, UPB.
The new Cleveland-Kidder UPB washdown-duty load cell measures and monitors precise tension on web process or wire machinery.
UPB evolved from one of the largest banks in the former Soviet Union, Promstrybank; over the last eight years it has acted as a financial intermediary in the Government's lending to large state-owned entities in sectors such as oil and gas, the chemical industry, construction and aircraft manufacturing.
Education does make a difference, and Bowhunter is proud to join the UPB and others making a positive statement in Pennsylvania.
NEW CE marked M-3000 Load Cell Amplifier Modules, X-3000CE & D-3000CE System 3000 Controllers, NEW CE marked EC-5 Digital Web Guide Controller, T-Series Idler Shaft and Live Roller Load Cells and System 3000 UPB Series (Under Pillow Block) Load Cells.