UPCBUniversal Principles of Criminal Behavior (theory)
UPCBUniversity of the Philippines College Baguio
UPCBUP (Uttar Pradesh) Pollution Control Board (India)
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Herbarium record Sampling date PH number UPCB 63475 15 May 2008 5.71 UPCB 63476 15 August 2008 6.62 UPCB 63477 15 November 2008 5.86 UPCB 63478 15 February 2009 6.57 Table 3--Abiotic and bacteriological variables measured in water samples from the Itaqui reservoir between May 200B and February 2009.
9 February 2011 -- Moody's said it gave a final Ba3 rating to UPCB Finance III Ltd's USD1bn (EUR733m) notes, the proceeds from which the issuer will on-lend on a senior secured basis into the UPC Holding BV group.
grossiorum, obtained by open pollination, were collected from one matrix plants established at the Bromeliaceae Conservation and Research Unit(UPCB), in Vicosa-MG, and cleaned by washing in running water for 30 minutes.
Graph 1 shows the comparison between sides in the UPCB and NOccl groups.
Collected epiphytes were identified by specialist, using published literature, or by comparison with herbaria specimens in the UPCB (Herbarium of the Botany Department at the Federal University of Parana) and MBM (Herbarium of the Municipal Botanical Museum).
The universal principles of the criminal behavior (UPCB) (2) model does not focus on causal factors but, rather, provides a way to analyze the constituent stages of criminal behavior.
Tan said the government had provided UPCB capital and income support as well as regulatory relief under the financial assistance package it got in 2008.
Among the institutions that are implementing Carless Days in the city include the University of the Philippines College Baguio (UPCB) every Wednesday and the offices of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) in Gibraltar every Thursday.
Los ejemplares estudiados provienen de trabajos de campo realizados en la provincia de Misiones en los meses de octubre de 2011 y marzo de 2012, y de colecciones de herbarios argentinos (BA, CTES, LP y SI) y de otros paises (MO, PACA, SP, UPCB) (Thiers, 2012).
The collection and herborization of the material was carried out in accordance with Yano (1989), with the samples deposited at the UPCB Herbarium of the Federal University of Parana.