UPCRUniform Procedures for Collision Repair (car industry standards)
UPCRUrine Protein-to-Creatinine Ratio
UPCRUnion for the Protection of Consumers' Rights (Armenia)
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We used several parameters to assess the renal function including the eGFR, serum creatinine, FEPi, and uPCR.
The increase in mean UPCR in the amlodipine group and the decrease in mean UPCR in the cilnidipine group are both statistically significant (independent sample t-test - P < 0.001) as shown in Figure 3.
Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis was performed to calculate the area under the curve (AUC) for GDF-15, [PLA.sub.2]R Ab, eGFR, and UPCR to determine the best cut-off value to predict renal progression.
Figure 4: Withdrawal of lenvatinib and subsequent improvement of UPCR. UPCR (mg/mmol)--ULN:30 mg/mmol E7080 discontinued 625 Day 15 295.5 Day 23 243.2 1 month post discontinuation 187.5 Day 36 228.6 Day 39 314.8 Day 43 196.1 Day 50 207.5 Day 57 243.9 Day 64 250 Day 106 133 Day 163 61 1 year discontinuation 10 Note: Table made from line graph.
Diagnostic tests performed included oscillometric blood pressure measurement (CONTEC 08A Veterinary Digital Blood Pressure & Heart Beat Monitor & Sp[O.sub.2] Monitor, Contec, China); serum creatinine, phosphorous, and urea measurements; urinalysis and urine biochemistry (uGGT, UPCR) by enzymatic, kinetic and colorimetric methods on Cobas Mira Plus (Roche[R]) automated spectrophotometer according to reagent kit specifications (Synermed[R]); urine output (UO) and endogenous creatinine clearance (GFR).
[24] Urinary protein excretion in terms of mg/mg of urinary creatinine was calculated to give the Urine Protein-Creatinine Ratio (UPCR).
UPCR (ng/g) = Upcx (ng/L) / [Ucr ([micro]mol/L) x the molecular weight of Cr (113.12 g/mol) x [10.sup.-6]].
The secondary objective is to establish UPCR reference standards for our setting for not only proteinuria of [greater than or equal to] 300 mg/24 hours, but also for prediction of higher degree of proteinuria (2 g and 3 g/24 h, resp.) which may help obstetrician to plan timing of delivery in severe preeclampsia.
After controlling for other outcome predictors, including UPCR and CRP, the researchers found that the adjusted annual risk of the composite end point in patients who were in the lowest tertile for NT-proBNP and had an undetectable TnT was 5%, climbing stepwise to 30% per year in those in the top tertile for NT-proBNP and a TnT greater than the median 0.028 ng/mL.
(2007), as vantagens do mPCR, na deteccao de patogenos alimentares, em relacao a uma reacao PCR para apenas uma sequencia alvo de um microrganismo ("uniplex" PCR ou uPCR), estao na diminuicao da intensidade e do periodo de trabalho laboratorial, na reducao do numero de reagentes e por consequencia, na reducao dos custos, a todos este fatores associados ao que seria requerido para um teste de deteccao de cada microrganismos separadamente.
Para el Centro, una inquietud inicial es las tipologias de familia de los estudiantes de la UCPR, de esta manera se desarrollo en el 2007 el trabajo investigativo titulado: TIPOLOGIAS FAMILIARES DE LOS ESTUDIANTES DE LA UPCR. El presente articulo se propone mostrar los principales resultados de esta investigacion, centrando su mirada en los siguientes componentes: conyugalidad y composicion familiar.