UPCRUniform Procedures for Collision Repair (car industry standards)
UPCRUrine Protein-to-Creatinine Ratio
UPCRUnion for the Protection of Consumers' Rights (Armenia)
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Dispersion frequency was evaluated by the Fisher's exact test and interactions were evaluated by Spearman's correlation for data not normally distributed (creatinine, phosphorus, and GFR; SBP and UPCR; UPCR and leukocyturia, pyuria, bacteriuria, and uGGT; uGGT and renal epithelial (kidney cells and pelvis cells) cells in the urinary sediment).
Regarding proteinuria, 65% of the dogs possessed an increased UPCR at T0.
In the present study, uGGT was significantly correlated with increased UPCR (P=0.
Increased uGGT, UPCR, and serum phosphorus levels were earlier markers of kidney injury than increased serum creatinine levels, and should be used to evaluate female dogs with pyometra for possible acute kidney failure.
Thus, biomarkers accounted for three of the five strongest predictors, with UPCR lying further down the list, albeit still a significant predictor.