UPCUSAUnited Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
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It was with this understanding of United Presbyterian doctrinal standards, including the Theological Declaration of Barmen, that The Book of Confessions was adopted by the UPCUSA General Assembly of 1967.
General Assembly stated clerk and UPCUSA head of communion Eugene Carson Blake, frequently consulted by the special committee, became general secretary of the World Council of Churches late in 1966.
During this meeting, and the March 24-25, 1958, meeting, procedural questions raised by the UPCUSA merger were resolved.
48) The PCUS pressed for a quicker pace, and, although it took time and energy to work with the United Church of Christ, the 47-page Service for the Lord's Day and Lectionary for the Christian Year was sent to all UPCUSA and PCUS pastors in the second half of January, 1 1964.
The UPCUSA Board of Christian Education had assigned Briner, one of its members, to serve on the Committee.
Even though the subcommittee on the lectionary was still hesitating, the UPCUSA General Assembly would have to be prepared for the possibility of change.
The Joint Committee on Worship ended when the UPCUSA Committee on the Book of Common Worship was officially discharged at the 1970 General Assembly in May.