UPDNUnion Pour les Droits de la Nature
UPDNUniversity of Peradeniya
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In relation to the UPDN variable, genotypes 12F40006, 12F40005, 12F37016, 12F39005, 12F39019, 12F38005, 12F38007, 12F39007, 12F40007, 12F38014, 12F37014, 12F39014, 12F38009 and BRS 655 presented the lowest values, with 0.06 being the overall mean of the genotypes with the lowest content, which is a desirable characteristic because of the greater availability of the protein present in the food for the animal.
= the letter totals (a=1 etc) of the two halves of the word are numerical reversals; 43 - the number of rare letters in the word is indicated; 45--the letter concerned (capital) and its arrangement (a or c lower case) are indicated; 50 - Updn = individual letters read the same upside down / all Word = whole word reads same upside down.