UPDPUnion of Democratic Patriots and Progressives (Nigeria)
UPDPUnion of Patriots, Democrats, and Progressives (political party; Niger)
UPDPUnified Professional Development Project (Hong Kong)
UPDPUniform Power Delay Profile (electrical engineering)
UPDPUniversity of the Philippines, Diliman Police
UPDPUniversal Packet Driver Protocol (computing)
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Mziray (APPT--Maendeleo), Rungwe (NCCR-Mageuzi), Mgaywa (TLP) and Dovutwa (UPDP) each received less than 1%.
Slaa (Chadema) and Lipumba (CUF) were covered in 153 (41%) and 21 (8%) front page continuations, while the rest Mziray (APPT--Maendeleo), Rungwe (NCCR-Mageuzi), Mgaywa (TLP) and Dovutwa (UPDP) shared less than 1%.
In percentages, the mean values across all news items were: Kikwete (CCM) 55; Slaa (Chadema) 32; Lipumba (CUF) 8.3; Mziray (APPT-Maendeleo) 1.6; Rungwe (NCCR-Mageuzi) 1.4; Mgaywa (TLP) 1; and Dovutwa (UPDP) 0.7.
Mziray (APPT-Maendeleo), Rungwe (NCCR-Mageuzi), and Dovutwa (UPDP) each received 1% of 245 photos published in Tanzania Daima.
Slaa (Chadema) received about 27% for both news and photos, Lipumba (CUF) 7% and 12% of news and photos respectively, Mgaywa (TLP) 4% news, Mziray 3% for both news and photo, and finally Rungwe (NCCR) and Dovutwa (UPDP) each less than 3% for news and photos.
The other five candidates, Lipumba (CUF), Mziray (APPT Maendeleo), Rungwe (NCCR), Mgaywa (TLP), and Dovutwa (UPDP) did not received any news coverage.
According to the last version of the NEC schedule dated August 14, 2010, the ruling party Kikwete (CCM) planned to conduct a total of 318 campaign meetings, Slaa (Chadema) 206, CUF 106 meetings, Mziray (APPT Maendeleo) 58, Rungwe (NCCR Mageuzi) 71, Mgaywa (TLP) 70, and Dovutwa (UPDP) 22 meetings.
In particular, Mziray (APPT-Maendeleo) had 1.6 times less (161%), Rungwe (NCCR-Mageuzi) had almost 5 times fewer (473%), Mgaywa (TLP) almost 3.5 times fewer (333%), and Dovutwa (UPDP) 2.2 times fewer (220%) than the meetings scheduled.
In contrast, about 90% of respondents said they did not see news coverage about Mziray (APPT-Maendeleo), Rungwe (NCCR), Mgaywa (UPDP) and Dovutwa -(UPDP) during election campaign.
Regarding the remaining candidates, 78% of respondents did not see any photos of Mziray (APPT-Maendeleo), 80% did not see photos of Rungwe (NCCR-Mageuzi), 86% of Mgaywa (TLP), or 92% of Dovutwa (UPDP).
In contrast, only 3% mentioned Mziray (APPT-Maendeleo), and less than 1% Rungwe (NCCR-Mageuzi), Mgaywa (TLP), or Dovutwa (UPDP).