UPEMUncertainty and Precaution in Environmental Management
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Sites of Universities and UPEM.II.2.4 UPEC) Description of the procurement:
Provision of telephone terminals for the University Paris-Est-Crteil-Val-de-Marne (UPEC) and the University of Marne-la-Valle said University Paris-Est Marne-la-Valle (UPEM) .II.2.5) Award criteria
This contract is for the supply of paper to the National Veterinary School of alfort (Enva), the University Paris-Est Marne-La-Valle (UPEM) and the University Paris-Est Creteil Val-de-Marne (Upec).
Average over the last three years for the University Paris-Est Marne-La-Valle (UPEM) 50 000.00 euros HT for Lot 1 and 4 000,00 euros HT for Lot 2.
Maintenance and operation of the PABX base, hardware and related software and fixed telephones and the Visio University conference server Paris-Est Creteil Val de Marne (Upec);Squad in charge of the exploitation of UPEC communications systems;Provision of telephone terminals for the University Paris-Est Crteil Val de Marne (Upec) and the University of Marne-La-Valle said University Paris-Est Marne-La-Valle (UPEM).
Contact point(s): Universite Paris Est Marne-la-Vallee UPEM service des marches 5 boulevard Descartes
Collection, sorting, transport and treatment of chemical and biological waste on several university campuses Paris-Est Creteil Val de Marne (Upec) and the University of Marne-la-Vallee said University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallee (UPEM).
2004-559 as amended on 17 June 2004 on the implementation of a global mission including the total or partial financing, design, rehabilitation of all or part of Copernicus building UPEM University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallee and, in whole or in part, operation, maintenance, PRE, maintenance of the building and, according to the results of the dialogue, certain benefits service and power supply.