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UPFUniversitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain)
UPFUltraviolet Protection Factor
UPFUniversidade de Passo Fundo (Portuguese: University of Passo Fundo; Brazil)
UPFUniversity Press of Florida
UPFUniversal Peace Federation (formerly Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace)
UPFUnion Internationale de la Presse Francophone (French: International Francophone Press Union; France; est. 1950)
UPFUnity Productions Foundation
UPFUnited People's Front (Nepal)
UPFUpcountry People's Front (Sri Lanka)
UPFUniversal Preservation Format
UPFUnity Power Factor (electrical engineering)
UPFUnderperform (finance)
UPFUnited Plastic Fabricating, Inc. (North Andover, MA)
UPFUniversity Police Force (University of the Philippines)
UPFUnited Peace Federation
UPFUn-Plug Fest (Bluetooth)
UPFUncharacterized Protein Family
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The Successive Refinement Methodology was introduced into the UPF specification by John Biggs, senior principal research engineer, ARM and chair of IEEE1801.
Moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, stain-resistant, UPF 50+, anti-static fabric.
We intend this first example of joint working with UPF to lead to institutional links between both universities across many disciplines.
UPF enables reusable and early verification of power management architectures and ensures implementation consistent with the specification of power intent, said Erich Marschner, vice-chair of the IEEE P1801 UPF Working Group and verification architect at Mentor Graphics.
The UPF has split on demonstration tactics with some saying they should only do so-called white line protests which do not block traffic.
UPF, UVA and UVB values have been calculated according to the equation 1 and 2 given in the above mentioned test standard.
The average white tee shirt has a UPF (the fabric equivalent of SPF) of five.
The UPF project costs have increased since NNSA's initial estimates in 2004 and construction may be delayed due to funding shortfalls.
The scientists used of computer models that relate the level of UV protection achieved with three fabric dyes to their effects in changing the UPF of fabrics and other factors.
Some hats have UPF ratings that cut down most of those bad rays.
The reference flow collaboration around the Talus system, which is targeted at reducing power consumption and supporting UPF, included implementing a complex, hierarchical design using a Unified Power Format (UPF)-compliant, low-power design intent specification to drive automatic creation of multiple power domains and level-shifter, isolation-cell and retention-flop insertion.
The stiff peaked hat is available in two designs, the classic cream canvas made from pre shrunk canvas with a wide stiffened brim, ventilation eyelets and adjustable chin cord and technical Quick Dry with UPF 50+ in Navy Blue also with reinforced brim, non corrosive ventilation eyelets and easy adjustable chin strap.