UPFAUnited Peoples Freedom Alliance (political party; Sri Lanka)
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The Speaker has noted that the issue raised over Rajapaksa's membership in the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) is not a matter for the Speaker's Office.
Sumanthiran said that the UPFA cannot be considered as a party in the Opposition as the party chairman, President Maithripala Sirisena, is in the Government and holds Ministerial portfolios, including Law and Order and Media.
Some of the officers came under attack from the protesting UPFA MPs.
Ratnayake said Minister Amaraweera had given his personal opinion to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya on the matter of Opposition Leader's post without consulting the UPFA's Executive Council.
President Rajapaksa led UPFA secured an overwhelming mandate at the Provincial Council Elections 2013, winning two out of three provincial councils North Western and Central in which elections were held.
Sumanthiran said that Rajapaksa was no more a member of the UPFA as he had accepted SLPP membership.
MP Gunawardena in his notes identified the UPFA General Secretary Mahinda Amaraweera as an 'incompetent, ignorant, inefficient General Secretary of a party.' He made this comment with reference to the reply letter of Amaraweera to the Speaker in which he informed that the UPFA did not want any change in the post of Opposition Leader.
Kader Masthan of UPFA - Deputy Minister Resettlement,Rehabilitation, Northern Development & Hindu Religious Affairs
The UPFA won 34 out of 50 seats to form the North Western Provincial Council while the UNP managed to secure only 12 seats.
UPFA General Secretary Mahinda Amaraweera, who also made a statement in Parliament, confirmed that the National Government is still intact and the UPFA has not left it.
Rifkhan Bathiyuthen of the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) was elected from Mannar District to the Northern Provincial Council and took oaths before President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees on 17 October 2013.
Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) members in the government will remain as one group without supporting any other group, Minister S.B.