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UPGMAUnweighted Pair Group Method with Averages (microbiology)
UPGMAUnweighted Pair Group Mean Average
UPGMAUnweighted Pair Group Method of Analysis (microbiology)
UPGMAUnweighted Pair Group Method of Association (microbiology)
UPGMAUnweighted Pair Group Method, Arithmetic Mean
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However, multivariate analysis and UPGMA dendograms showed close proximity between populations 2 and 4 and between populations 1 and 3.
tianmuensis could be genetically classified by UPGMA cluster and PCA analyses
The dendrograms constructed by UPGMA showed five clusters which were designated using Roman numerals preceded by sequence type T4 (Fig.
The dendrogram obtained from UPGMA cluster analysis of genetic distance based on 7 AFLP primer combinations is presented in Figure 2.
UPGMA cluster analysis of the twenty five tomato cultivars using the polymorphic loci resulted in the phenogram shown in Fig.
To compare results obtained by the PORGS method with those from a standard hierarchical approach to clustering genetic data, the unweighted pair-group method using arithmetic averages (UPGMA) was applied to both the simulated and Chinook salmon data sets to generate a tree with PHYLIP software (Felsenstein, 1989).
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