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UPIUnited Press International
UPIUniversity Physicians Inc.
UPIUnpaid Item (eBay)
UPIUnione Delle Province d'Italia (Union of the Province of Italy; benevolent group)
UPIUlkopoliittinen Instituutti (Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki, Finland)
UPIUser Program Interface
UPIUteroplacental Insufficiency (pregnancy risk factor)
UPIUnique Patient Identifiers (HIPAA)
UPIUnión Profesional Informática
UPIUnidentified Party Injury
UPIUser Payload Identifier
UPIUnione Popolare Italiana (Italian: Italian Popular Union)
UPIUnocal Philippines, Inc (formerly Philippine Geothermal, Inc)
UPIUseless Piece of Information
UPIUpper Plenum Injection
UPIUnion des Professions Immobilières de Belgique (French: Union of Real Estate Professionals in Belgium)
UPIUniversal Pensions Incorporated
UPIUniversal Pictures International (film)
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The interview was conducted in English, according to UPI.
The UPI coverage of the Kennedy assassination was unparalleled in the history of journalism because of one man.
Blake Hartman, president, Big Inch Fabricators and Construction, has used UPI's flush lube oil system on two solar gas compressor turbines for work in Kansas and brought UPI back in June 2008 for another project.
UPI will continue to maintain a foothold in wire reporting.
UPI stockholders-or anyone with knowledge about this situation-should contact lawyer Hamilton Lindley at hlindley@deanslyons.
PANDUIT Connected Building Solutions achieve the next level of enterprise effectiveness by applying UPI principles to drive system interoperability and convergence onto a single infrastructure platform, which provides sustainability, operational efficiency, and security to building owners.
The world headquarters is an important step in the evolution of Panduit, providing a proof of concept for UPI that demonstrates intelligent design, implementation and management of unified systems and building architecture.
The participants learned how leveraging the UPI vision can help to build a smart, solid business foundation with enhanced system reliability, lower operating costs and reduced infrastructure risk.
I'm extremely gratified and proud that UPI is realizing this historic success with films as different as 'Mamma Mia
UPI is pleased to support a gathering of prestigious traditional and new media leadership from around the world," said Nicholas Chiaia, UPI senior vice president.
com/ announced today that UPI has chosen Digital Railroad's technology to distribute and license its Newspictures image collections.