UPLUnauthorized Practice of Law
UPLUpper Payment Limit (Medicaid)
UPLUnión del Pueblo Leonés (Spain)
UPLUnlicensed Practice of Law
UPLUnit Prevention Leader
UPLUnsecured Personal Loan
UPLUniversity Press Limited
UPLUser Program Language
UPLUnfunded Priority List
UPLUnion Populaire Locale (Wallis and Futuna)
UPLUpala, Costa Rica (Airport code)
UPLUtah Power and Light
UPLUnited Powers League (Star Craft)
UPLUpper Prediction Limit
UPLUniversal Probe Library
UPLUpper Profits Limit
UPLUndergraduate Projects Lab (UW-Madison Computer Science Department)
UPLUtility Partnership Ltd. (UK)
UPLUniversal Programming Language
UPLUnsecured Proxies List
UPLUncovered Portion of the Lunate
UPLUniversal Program License (Ukraine)
UPLUniform Person Locator
UPLUnacceptable Pollutant Level
UPLUnscheduled Personal Leave (also seen as UPERL)
UPLUn-equal Packet Loss
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She added that the president of UPL will invite ruling parties to meet to discuss the situation in the country and the crisis in Nidaa Tounes party and its effects on the government's work.
published in September 1995 in Down To Earth magazine in which a quote attributed to advocate Ajit Padiwal claimed that UPL belonged to a brother of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.
The16 seats in parliament of his party, the UPL,could be the deciding factor in a new coalition government.
In addition, a coalition composed of these three parties (NT, the UPL and the Popular Front) would also mean NT must give up some ministerial portfolios, perhaps even major ones -- NT may be able to accept this compromise, but not necessarily the UPL and Popular Front.
UPL provides metering services for the industrial, commercial and domestic markets covering all types of electricity metering installations.
Through this partnership, UPL and NRSP aim to establish a sustainable business model that will utilize mutual expertise to provide economic opportunities through self employment.
The move provides UPL with a new "super meter" developed by Meter-Mimic, which can convert any traditional water, gas or electricity meter into a smart meter in just 20 minutes.
Meanwhile, here's a look at which state legislative districts have the most to lose if UPL dollars can't be preserved.
The Grangemouth plant, which opened in June 2009, is the first CHEP plant in Scotland operated by UPL with capacity for processing 4.
The store concept was so well received that UPL has since converted three other locations into United Fine Wines & Spirits stores.