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UPLIFTSUniversity of Pittsburgh Linear File Tandem System
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The breakeven OC corresponds to a 'BBB+' tested rating on a PD basis and a two-notch recovery uplift and reflects the reduced 6.
Several land uplift models have been obtained over the last decades; one of those we mention is designed by Ekmann (1996), Lambeck et al.
While different modelling techniques were used in these models, they all agree that the maximum uplift rate for Fennoscandia is about 10 mm/year (Ekmann 1996; Staudt et al.
To test our hypothesis, we have built a statistical model for predicting the uplift rate at an arbitrary point in the terrain from the following given point rates:
least-squares collocation, using 2D elliptical approximation fitted to the uplift values in the Fennoscandian area treating residuals as "signal";
deriving an empirical covariance function for these residual uplift rates;
using as input for collocation computation, the uplift rates from BIFROST and from Finnish precise levellings (Fig.
This analysis yields the precision of the uplift rate of a predicted point anywhere in the terrain, which is height-connected to levelling benchmarks using GNSS and a precise geoid model.
First, we conjecture a simple functional model based on a bilinear function of two-dimensional location within the land uplift area: