UPLSUnion-Philanthropic Literary Society (debating society)
UPLSUnion Plus Legal Service
UPLSUnion Privilege Legal Service
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Ministers further took note of a study commissioned by the EU executive stating that the UPLS could save up to 289 million, more than five times the likely cost of such a system unifying Community member states and other contracting parties to the European Patent Convention.
Os resultados dos exames sorologicos dos suinos das 12 granjas UPLs (granjas 3 a 14) integrados do proprietario da granja 2 indicaram que todas as granjas apresentaram sorologias 100% negativas.
The UPLS structure, according to the Commission's recommendation, would consist of a "largely" decentralised first instance, a single appeal instance.
Material e Metodos: A partir de entrevistas semi-estruturadas, 24 UPLs foram agrupadas de acordo com o manejo utilizado com enfase na dieta em: (a) convencionais que receberam suplementagao--CS, (b) convencionais a pasto--CP e (c) de base ecologica--ECO (n = 8/tratamento).
What are the learning achievements of students after using UPLS?
In July 2010, the Advocates General ("AG") of the European Court of Justice issued an opinion to the court that the draft agreement of the UPLS was incompatible with European Union treaties: "[a]s it stands at present, the envisaged agreement creating a unified patent litigation system is incompatible with the treaties." (148) The AG cited several reasons why the draft agreement was incompatible with European Union treaties, (149) most notably that the language regime of the draft agreement would be incompatible with rights of a defendant, "as proceedings could be conducted against a defendant in a language which would be neither that of its country of origin nor of the country where it carries out its commercial activities." (150)
The Commission had cited studies indicating that, by 2013, the creation of the UPLS would result in total private cost savings between 148 million and 289 million annually.
The partitioned dataset can then be used to compute UCLs, UPLs etc.
They are situated behind clear plastic brackets on the edge of a shelf and display individual unit price labels (UPLs) that are mounted on a plain, colored or decorated background.