UPLSUnion-Philanthropic Literary Society (debating society)
UPLSUnion Plus Legal Service
UPLSUnion Privilege Legal Service
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Nota-se que o metodo MPLS mostrou uma diferenca media (0,07) menor que aquela apresentada pelo metodo UPLS (0,24), evidenciando que gerou estimativas de acuracia mais proximas daquelas calculadas por meio de parametros especificos dessa populacao [F.
It can be noticed that the situated poetry learning by using UPLS seems to be more effective than the conventional situated poetry learning in promoting the learning achievement of the students.
Compared to the existing e- learning platforms, the proposed UPLS automatically collects the information of relevant multimedia resources, stores the resulting index of words, compares search query to the index and recommends relevant learning materials.
From the teacher interview, it was found that the teacher participant can quickly design and facilitate engaging learning activities; implying that UPLS as well as the index (PMRI) is suitable and efficient.
Although the experimental results have shown the benefits of using UPLS, there are some limitations in the present study.
To evaluate the effectiveness of this approach, an experiment was conducted which compared the learning achievements of the students who learned with the UPLS and those who learned with conventional situated learning approach.
151) In addition to the concerns raised by the AG, the March 8 opinion noted that the draft agreement of the UPLS would "deprive courts of Member States of their powers in relation to the interpretation and application of European Union law.
Both the EPLA and the most recent draft of the UPLS illustrate that the best solution to a unified patent litigation system in Europe is to establish a centralized court with exclusive jurisdiction over infringement and invalidity claims.
One of the biggest issues raised by the opinion was that the language regime of the UPLS was inconsistent with European Union treaties.
On the other hand, the approach taken by the EPLA avoids the conflicts caused by the UPLS.
Additionally, the EPLA would likely be a more cost-effective approach to a unified patent litigation system than the UPLS.
Ministers at the Competitiveness Council, meeting on 28 May, took note of a Czech EU Presidency report on the UPLS.