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He encouraged more collaboration with UPMG members to deliver stories to the public in an engaging manner.
Miroslav Kalabic from UPMG said that around ten producers were in the founding board and that all dairy producers from area of GradiA!ka municipality joined soon after that.
Jimenez also told UPMG members that the poll body remains steadfast in its commitment to ensure a transparent, accountable, and credible election.
The UPMG also learned that years before it claimed that it was being adversely affected by imported newsprint, Tipco already had staggering financial losses: P607.5 million in 2002, P777.2 million in 2003, P532.8 million in 2004 and P532.8 million in 2005.
Finally, the UPMG study focuses solely on the electric and gas utility industry.
But the end result is that Silicon Valley area attendees are inundated with show-related e-mail, direct mail and advertising from January through April," said UPMG President Pete Waddell.
UPMG was founded by former PMSI, Miller Freeman and CMP executive Peter Waddell
"We are elated to announce that the exhibition floor for PCB West is sold out for the eighth straight year," said UPMG vice president of sales and marketing Frances Stewart.
The UPMG further warned that the additional safeguard duty would result in a 5-8 percent increase in the operational costs of newspaper and magazine publications.
As it is, the industry already faces formidable challenging amid the rapidly changing media landscape," stated UPMG, the organization of 32-member publications composed of major dailies, tabloids and magazines led by the top three broadsheets in the country Manila Bulletin, Philippine Star, and Philippine Daily Inquirer.
"We are beyond excited to welcome Robin back as a colleague," said UPMG vice president Mike Buetow.
UPMG also made the following announcements for PCB West 2008: A special focus will be placed on printed circuit manufacturers and manufacturing technologies on the exhibition show floor; the conference will feature numerous new courses on the hottest topics; three keynote addresses will take place; a mini, pocket-sized Trakker lead-gathering system for exhibitors will be offered for the show floor.