UPMIUnited Prison Ministries International
UPMIUniversitas Pembinaan Masyarakat Indonesia (Indonesian: Social Development University of Indonesia)
UPMIUnion Planters Mortgage, Inc. (various locations)
UPMIUS President Malaria Initiative (Rwanda)
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"Private companies are those which suffer the most from corruption, since they deal with public companies, as far as public procurement is concerned," he added at a signing ceremony of agreements between the authority on the one hand and other national organisations, namely the UPMI, the Regional Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts of Sfax, the Arab Institute of Business Managers, the Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT), the Centre for Young Business Leaders, the Beit Al Khibra Association and the Sfax Technopark, one the other hand.
The autosomal microsatellite genotypes of the pup samples were analyzed in the Bayesian clustering program STRUCTURE (v2.3, Pritchard et al., 2000; Hubisz et al., 2009) with genotypes of highly assigned individuals (i.e., Q-value >0.9) from reference populations: WGLR coyotes (n = 47; Wheeldon et al., 2010a); SEON coyotes (n = 98; not previously analyzed); APP wolves (n = 67; Rutledge et al., 2010) ; UPMI wolves (n = 82; Wheeldon et al., 2010a).
The GeneClass analysis excluded (i.e., P < 0.01) both APP wolf and UPMI wolf groups as probable populations of origin for the pup samples but did not exclude either of the coyote groups (Table 2).
Considering the observed lack of admixture to UPMI wolves in the pups (Table 2; Fig.
Nella seconda valutazione i coefficienti di correlazione inerenti alla TCT evidenziano la tendenza a diminuire di molto, fino a non essere significativi nelle correlazioni con il UpMI e LowMI.
Le scale di valutazione come il UpMI, il LowMI e il TCT oltre ad essere selettive per alcuni distretti, sono focalizzate molto sull'aspetto quantitativo del movimento (14), mentre la WGS cerca di cogliere aspetti qualitativi del cammino (16).
L'unica eccezione e data dall'ambito "Funzione della Mano" in cui il coefficiente e 0.83 con la ESS, 0.88 con il BI, 0.86 con il UpMI. Una possibile spiegazione di questo risultato puo essere data dal fatto che fra gli aspetti investigati nel gruppo studiato, quello del deficit motorio che e stato per primo avvertito in seguito all'ictus, e proprio quello della funzionalita della mano.
Another agreement between UPMI and the employers' organization (OPI) is being finalized and two waste processing and recovery plants association agreement was also signed between Malian investors and vice President of UPMI, Ameur Abdenadher.
UPMI's new service, which includes monthly water meter readings, was developed to ensure that building management could accrue adequate funds for water usage based on actual readings.
The Tunisian delegation is headed by Bassem Loukil, president of TABC, Adnen Bouassida representing CONECT International and Ameur Abdennadher representing UPMI.
The Tunisian delegation will be headed by Bassem LOUKIL, President of TABC, Adnen BOUASSIDA (Vice President) will represent CONECT International and Amer ABDENNADHER (Vice President) will represent UPMI.