UPMLUnified Problem Solving Method Description Language
UPMLUniaxial Perfectly Matched Layer
UPMLUnified Problem-solving Method description Language
UPMLUnions Professionnelles des Médecins Libéraux
UPMLUrban Property Management Limited (Hong Kong)
UPMLUrban Property Management Ltd. (Hong Kong)
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introduced nonconforming UPML theory into DG calculations in the case of TM wave and compared the local relative error between PML and first-order SM-ABC [14].
In order to apply the UPML technique to DGTD in two-dimensional cases, the wave equations of UPML in an orthogonal curvilinear coordinate system are considered with the theory of parameter transformation, the processes of parameters transformation for 2-D UPML, and the specific expressions of transition matrix between the coordinate systems of elliptical and Cartesian are derived.
And the efficiency of the proposed method is verified through the comparison with BpML and UPML ABCs.
The BPML, UPML, and CPML ABCs are used to truncate the FDTD domains.
Caption: Figure 3: UPML layers around the FDTD mesh with (a) all layers and (b) removed frontal layers.
In order to perform simulations in open space, a UPML is added [3].
The UPML is mathematically perceived as a complex stretching of the Cartesian coordinates (and the fields) ensuring impedance matching across its interface.
The TF/SF region is terminated with a 6 mm-layer Uniaxial Perfectly Matched Layer (UPML) which suppresses any boundary reflections [35].
To include the Tx/Rx nearby environment, an IMT including the UPML technique and the FDTD method is applied [14].
Anisotropic perfectly matched layer (UPML) absorbing boundary is selected in this work.
Ge, "A novel UPML FDTD absorbing boundary condition for dispersive media," Waves in Random and Complex Media, vol.
The scattered-field region is closed by applying a uniaxial perfectly matched layer (UPML) absorbing boundary condition made by 5 cells with a parabolic spatial dependence for the electric and magnetic conductivities, and whose maximum values give a theoretical reflection coefficient lower than 0.01% [21].