UPNDUnited Party for National Development (Zambia)
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Since then, Mwamba has camped in his native Kasama, the North's provincial capital, in his bid to convert the PF heartland (or "PF bedroom" as he calls it), to the UPND.
Given the break-ups it has suffered since losing power, with one faction aligned to former president Banda and another to the UPND, he has quite a task on his hands.
Earlier, UPND president gave a speech to medical students at the Ridgeway Campus in Lusaka where he stated, Youth empowerment is an essential part of sound economic management as well as a vibrant economic policy is what leads to access to education for all, employment opportunities for our youths and the development of our institutions
Moreover, with the aim of make this happen, Zambia needs real leadership and the onus is going to be on each voter to make sure they vote for UPND on 20 January 2015, stated by Mr.
Enjoying a momentum it had not seen in previous elections, the UPND was poised to perform better in areas dominated by the PF and MMD.
Like his UPND counterpart, Nevers Mumba, leader of the former ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) party, has also been arrested three times.
The country has recently experienced a wave of political violence, mainly between the PF and UPND.
PF officials, cabinet ministers and the police pointed an accusing finger at the UPND and charged one of its legislators, Gary Nkombo, and eight others with murder.
The wrangles in the UPND over Mazoka's succession are not helping matters.
If the candidacy moves from the UPND to Edith Nawakwi, the most likely option within the alliance, political analysts doubt if the UPND will still be as loyal to the alliance.
The breakdown is as follows: the ruling MMD 69 seats plus six other nominated MPs, making a total 75; UPND 49; UNIP 13, FDD 12, Heritage Party 4, Patriotic Front 1, Zambia Republican Party 1.