UPNGUniversity of Papua New Guinea
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Working in collaboration with UPNG faculty, our team will help teach, train and improve clinical, public health and research programs.
Major stakeholders in this area include the National Department of Education, Office for Higher Education, Department of Personnel Management, UPNG, University of Goroka, community teacher colleges, Women's Division of the Department of Home Affairs, Gender Unit in National Planning Office, and selected NGOs.
He wrote more broadly on entrepreneurship, welfare and the problems of young people, particularly in town, publishing articles cautiously during the late 1980s and 1990s as he moved between lectureships at UPNG and USE His strengths lay in his teaching abilities and mentorship, and his desire to provide practical help to Melanesians for whom the promise of economic development was proving to be empty.
In 1995, several UPNG students visited the Gogodala Council Chambers in Balimo, Western Province, and held a public meeting about the rationale for their united opposition to the registration of customary land.
The Ethics of Development: Women as Unequal Partners in Development, Volume 3 in The Ethics of Development, Workshop proceedings of the 17th Waigani Seminar, UPNG, Port Moresby Press, Port Moresby.
David Robie at UPNG laid the foundations of the field in 1995, with Nius Bilong Pasifik, then with Mekim Nius in 2004; but the focus of these volumes has been pan-Pacific and until now there just didn't exist a collection of essays on PNG media alone.
Archival research was conducted in a number of institutions--including the UPNG New Guinea Collection, the PNG Department of Mines, the PNG National Statistical Office, the Morobe Provincial Government, the Australian National Archives, the ANU, and the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Northern Ireland--for whose assistance I am deeply grateful.
Crossley (eds) 1988: Women and Education in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific, UPNG Press, Port Moresby.
Stewart Firth's contribution campus hops between Port Moresby, Honolulu and Suva; Firth arrived at UPNG during its second year of operation.
Firstly, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of teaching and learning based on the results of the student evaluation of lecturer teaching performances conducted by the staff of the Centre for Teaching, Learning and In-House Training in September 2003 at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS), UPNG.
Although I have no statistics for the UPNG in 1968, at the same time there were 23 Bougainvilleans out of a total of 35 PNG seminarians in the first Catholic seminary in Kap in Madang in the same year (ref.