UPOAAUtah Peace Officers Association Auxiliary
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The UPOAA, unlike the Florida Act, restricts gifting authority by
under the UPOAA subject to modification by the power of attorney
fiduciary, the UPOAA only acknowledges the fiduciary relationship in the
The Florida Act's divergence from the UPOAA in making the
The UPOAA drafters' approach of having the best interest standard
describing the UPOAA hierarchal approach, Linda Whitton provides the
agent, both the Florida Act and the UPOAA, however, have addressed the
Florida Act and the UPOAA allow an agent to engage in a conflict of
108) The protective measures of the UPOAA, (109) combined
included in both the UPOAA (112) and the Florida Act (113) provides a
also consistent with other sections of the Florida Act and the UPOAA,
In addition to providing deterrents for abuse, both the UPOAA and