UPOEUniversal Power over Ethernet (Cisco)
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Mas de mil efectivos de la Unidad Policial de Operaciones Especiales (UPOE), la Unidad Ministerial de Intervencion Tactica (UMIT) y del Grupo de Operaciones Especiales del municipio de Oaxaca sitiaron el Hotel del Magisterio y el centro historico.
Tenders are invited for Quantity 7 (seven) Cisco WS-C3850-48U-L; Cisco Catalyst 3850 48 Port UPOE LAN Base; Quantity 7 (seven) Cisco CON-SNT-WS5048UL; SNTC-8X5XNBD Cisco Catalyst 3850; Quantity 7 (seven) Cisco S3850UK9-37E; CAT3850 Universal k9 image; Quantity 7 (seven) Cisco CAB-TA-NA; North America AC Type A Power Cable; Quantity 7 (seven) Cisco STACK-T1-50CM; 50CM Type 1 Stacking Cable; Quantity 7 (seven) Cisco PWR-C1-1100WAC; 1100W AC Config 1 Power Supply; Quantity 7 (seven) Cisco C3850-NM-Blank; Cisco Catalyst 3850 Network Module Blank; Quantity 7 (seven) Cisco PWR-C1-Blank; Config 1 Power Supply Blank.
Cisco and UBC will collaborate with multiple building solution manufacturers on the development of new building automation devices using CiscoA Universal Power Over Ethernet (Cisco UPOE ) and Cisco EnergyWise software development kits.
Building on NXP s strength in power MOSFETs, the new devices PSMN040-100MSE and PSMN075-100MSE provide twice the level of inrush current capability of competitive offerings, making them ideal for high-power PoE architectures (30W and above) such as PoE+, UPoE and LTPoE++.