UPORUnnatural Pile Of Rocks (letterboxing)
UPORUrine and Plasma Osmotic Ratio (renal disease)
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While mean condition factor values from European ecosystems were given in Lika 0.99, Dobra 1.08, Kupa 1.21 and Bednja River 1.29, respectively from Croatia (Treer et al., 1999), and Upor Stream 1.49 from Czech Republic (Vlach et al., 2005).
We'll assess tomorrow if it's stiffened upor loosened off.
"I believe it is timeFGWwas told toshape upor risk losing all of its rail franchises."
In neither cell line was the category "transcription" significantly enriched with upor down-regulated genes.
The Treasury said the story was "wrong", insisting the agreement was signed up to by the whole Cabinet and no-one was "talking about ripping it upor blocking it".
IF Gretna boss Rowan Alexander was in any doubt about the reaction he'd get from his players after labelling them big time Charlies, 10 goals in two games should be enough to shut him upOr at least Davie Nicholls is hoping so.
Lishiv menya morei, razbega i razleta I dav stope upor nasli'stvennoi zemli, Chego dobilis' vy?
Doubtless, much of this was the legacy of the rather-have-a-monkey-than-a-bishop-for-an-ancestor cast of thought following upor Darwin's theories, so resoundingly championed by his fugleman Huxley which seemed to cage humankind inescapably in the zoologic frame.
The arbitrary selection by the noted Hungarian artistic director Laszlo Upor is rather fortunate; unfortunately, the translations are not.
An alarm on the watch rings and tells the wearer to wake upor warns of an important appointment.