UPOSUniversity Partnering for Operational Support
UPOSUnified Point of Sale
UPOSUltimate Point-of-Sale (Atlanta, GA)
UPOSUseless Piece of Stuff (Polite Form)
UPOSUnattended Point of Sale (purchasing without sales staff)
UPOSUnited People of Somalia (Memphis, TN)
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An' what I say is, as I've lived upo' your ground from my father and grandfather afore me, an' hev dropped our money into't, an' me an' my children might lie an' rot on the ground for top-dressin' as we can't find the money to buy, if the King wasn't to put a stop."
An' you'd better let my boy aloan, an' look to yoursen, afore the Rinform has got upo' your back.
And for the matter o' that, if the talk is to be o' the Lammeters, you know the most upo' that head, eh, Mr.
"Ay, ay, Bessy, never brew wi' bad malt upo' Michael-masday, else you'll have a poor tap," said Mr.
Caption: FIGURE 7: Target UPOs (TUPO1 and TUPO2) embedded in the chaotic attractor (CA) of the forced vdP oscillator.
Instead of the delayed state, it uses the future state one period of the target UPO ahead computed along the trajectories of the free system response as reference for the control signal.
Besides that, this work presents an UPO of the forced van der Pol oscillator with one of the Floquet multipliers larger than +1 that is stabilized by the aPBC and could not be stabilized by the DFC with constant control gain following the procedures proposed in [18-20].
LPC, 30STG9515, 217 m, UPOS 7085: 30STG9314, 259 m, UPOS 8327; 30SGT9514.
LPC, 30STG9614, 222 m, UPOS 7065: 30STG 9613, 225 m, UPOS 8303.
LPC, 30STG9717, 207 m, UPOS 7563: 30STG9617, 171 m, UPOS 8213.
Regarding the roles Microsoft and Sun Microsystems will play in the future, Mader says, "UPOS is a specification, and we view OPOS and JavaPOS as implementations of that specification.
Microsoft, which is a member of the UPOS development committee, sees the new standard as a leap forward for the retail industry.