UPOSUniversity Partnering for Operational Support
UPOSUnified Point of Sale
UPOSUltimate Point-of-Sale (Atlanta, GA)
UPOSUseless Piece of Stuff (Polite Form)
UPOSUnattended Point of Sale (purchasing without sales staff)
UPOSUnited People of Somalia (Memphis, TN)
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LPC, 30STG9614, 182 m, UPOS 7081: 30STG0213, 473 m, UPOS 8479.
LPC, 30STG9512, 310 m, SANT 69944: 30SUG0011, 270 m, UPOS 8773.
LPC, 30STG9515, 217 m, UPOS 7085: 30STG9314, 259 m, UPOS 8327; 30SGT9514.
The concept of the UPOS specification is that we could write an operating system that is language-neutral that becomes the standard for whatever implementation, whether it is in Java or ActiveStore, but that they all are consistent and that gives the retailer freedom of choice," says Richard Mader, executive director of ARTS and former chief information officer for Boscov's Department Stores, Reading, Pa.
4 standards will be "grandfathered" in as conformant platform mappings of the UPOS specification.
Microsoft, which is a member of the UPOS development committee, sees the new standard as a leap forward for the retail industry.
ArtLite is an ideal technology to add to UPOS applications like vending and gaming.
In addition to creating operating system independence, UPOS provides a plug-and-play environment in which JavaPOS- or OPOS-compliant, best-of-breed peripherals may be seamlessly incorporated into the POS system.
the UPOS open-systems device drivers and the non-standard
This latest contract follows QI's recent contract for its UPOS payment terminals for two large college campuses in Northern California, where QI is installing its UPOS payment terminals for soda and snack vending machines, copiers, network printing, pay and display parking and value reload stations.
Taherzadeh added, "We look forward to building on this strong momentum as we pursue the UPOS market, which has an estimated growth rate of 35%.
To compliment the UPOS Terminals, ITC Systems provides card dispensing and add value products, these devices accept currency to dispense or add value to cards.