UPPEUnilateral Pigmented Purpuric Eruption
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daran in engheland, darna in sweden, von sweden in denemarken, nortiutlande und uppe selande, darna in prutzen to konighesberg, to melbinghe was grot sterven" (Chronik des Franciscaner Lesemeisters Detmar, 263).
shee was readie to give uppe the ghost." (56) Gyer, a "minister of the word" who read and assimilated the ideas of contemporary, medieval and ancient medical authorities in order to write his Phlebotomie, believed an "abundance of menstruous bloud" caused "the beginning of a dropsie." (57) Forman also accepted the danger of too little menstrual blood, stating that the only time when purging medicines should be given was "some thre or four dais ...
Honley 91-6 (J Mulhall 3- Sommerville 30no, T Taylor 3 Broad Oak 160-7 (D Rus 32no, M Leonard 32no) Uppe Rastrick 114ao (J Waters Slaithwaite 81ao (A Wahid 34 Denby Dale 125-3 (D Firt Stower 32no) Armitage Bridg Thongsbridge B 55-9 Mars Holmbridge 50-7 (B Howlet Crigglestone 23ao (G Burre 24-7 (T Cotton 4-6).
Although Mankind probably played to academics and is a late fifteenth- century text, Mercy's address to "ye soverens that sitt, and ye brothern that stonde right uppe" still may not be far off the great household audience mark.
Later in the play, Bale reiterates this thematic importance of parentage: Dissimulation promises Sedition that he "shalt have a chyld of myn owne bryngyng uppe." This child, Pryvat Welth, has had a successful career as a monk, cellarer, prior, and abbot.
"I felt like we edged the better chances in the game but it was 50-50 and they won it with a fantastic goal by Curtis H uppe."
Swa se snottra gecwaed sanctus Paulus: "Monigfealde sind geond middangeard god ungnyde pe us to giefe daeled ond to feorhnere faeder aelmihtig, ond se anga hyht ealra gesceafta, uppe ge nidre." (Panther 69-74a) [So said the wise St.
'S/he shall-open now.') (4) Sara 2;0 (Josefsson 1999: 106) S: Tova har sleep-INF here A: vem ska sova dar uppe? 'Who will sleep up there?' (5) Birna 2;6 (Sigurjonsdottir 1999: 632) Eg fara til Dodiar I go-INF to Dodi-GEN 'I am going to Dodi.' (6) Zhenya G.
He then said that "let us inquire whether some of the actions that we have done of late, some of the things we have propounded of late, doe not crosse the worke of God in these particulars; because in our proposing of thinges we doe indeavour to sett uppe that power that God would not sette up again." This is startling talk.
Whether it exists because of uppe management's zero-accident philosophy or an employee's desire to hit it big in the cash booth, the most important thing is that it is in place.
Largest concentrations (> 40 mg/L) were in uppe r (divide and backslope) positions, while the least concentrations were in deep ground waters.
The spacing between the wearing side and back side portion are larger and extend toward the lower end, where the opening Is positioned in the wearing side portion and is closer to the uppe r end than the lower end.