UPPIUnione Piccoli Proprietari Immobiliari (Italian: Union of Small Building Owners)
UPPIUniversity of the Philippines Population Institute
UPPIUninterruptible Power Products, Inc. (Friendship, WI)
UPPIUnited Petroleum Products Inc. (Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)
UPPIUnited Pharmacy Partners, Inc.
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UPPI noted that under the provisions of British Columbia's Budget 2004, the biodiesel portion of the B5 blend is exempt from road tax.
Contact: Mac Christie, UPPI, phone 604-571-4500, website http://www.
No wonder that for the poorest quintile (20 percent segment) of those surveyed by the UPPI, only 48 percent had a senior citizen card.
The UPPI survey found that among those aged 60 to 69, 22 percent have lost all their teeth.
We take it for granted that the older we get the more teeth we lose, but the UPPI study showed that even among those aged 80 and over, 6 percent still had more than 20 of their natural teeth.