UPPSUdruženje za Promociju i Produkciju Stripa (comic)
UPPSUniversal Portable Protocol Stack (computing)
UPPSUniversity Policy and Procedure Statement (Texas)
UPPSUnidirectional Path Protection Switching (Alcatel)
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Two instruments--the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale-11 (BIS-11; Patton et al, 1995) and the UPPS Impulsive Behavior Scale (UPPS; Whiteside & Lynam, 2001)--were used to assess self-reported impulsivity.
The three BIS-11 subscales (Attention Impulsivity, Motor Impulsivity, and Nonplanning Impulsivity) and the four subscales of the UPPS ([Lack of] Premeditation, Urgency, Sensation Seeking, and [Lack of] Perseverance) were entered along with the covariates of participant age, education, and overall psychopathology (as measured by the BSI), in order to see if the groups differed in ways not attributable simply to differences in psychopathology.
Examination of the different measures separately revealed that only the group effect for the Urgency subscale of the UPPS was significant, F(2, 82) = 8.
No ambito do local color e que surgem os "favelas tours" que agora podem proliferar dada a acao das UPPS.