UPQCUnified Power Quality Conditioner
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A simple circuit model of the UPQC is shown in Fig.
As mentioned earlier first order load active and reactive powers can be easily attended in the electromechanically compensated share of load current for decrease of SAF and PAF power range of UPQC.
In mentioned control strategy, voltage harmonics have been compensated by SAF of the UPQC and current harmonics with higher order than 7, have been compensated by PAF.
In this paper power quality compensation was done by composition of UPQC and synchronous generators as electromechanical active filter.
This waveform represents the receiving end current when the UPQC device is connected to the system.
This paper presents a review on the UPQC to enhance the electric power quality at distribution level.
Synchronous-Reference-Frame-Based Control Method for UPQC Under Unbalanced and Distorted Load Conditions.
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