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UPRUniversal Periodic Review (UN Human Rights Council)
UPRUniversity of Puerto Rico
UPRUnia Polityki Realnej (Polish political party)
UPRunfolded protein response
UPRUnsaturated Polyester Resin
UPRUnconditional Positive Regard
UPRUnearned Premium Reserve (insurance)
UPRUnion for Progress and Renewal (Guinea)
UPRUnité Pédagogique Régionale (French: Regional Educational Unit)
UPRUniform Progress Report (US government)
UPRUnion Patronale Régionale (French: Regional Employers' Union; France)
UPRUser Preferred Routing
UPRUnprocessed Packet Rate
UPRUnion Populaire pour la République (French: People's Union for the Republic, Central African Republic)
UPRUpstream Petroleum Report
UPRUnit Performance Record
UPRUranium Production Reactor
UPRUsers' Performance Requirement
UPRUpper Principal Representation
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Further, it states that Botswana's participation in the UPR is evidence of the strength of government's commitment to the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the country.
Presentation of these reports is part of the UPR process established by the Human Rights Council whereby all the UN member states outline the steps taken and progress made in the area of human rights.
Philippine UPR Watch accused the administration of President Duterte of using the UN as 'a platform to justify its crimes against the Filipino people' and whitewash the street killings of drug suspects that had been mounting as Mr.
Mr Al Doseri said 75 of the 83 countries present during the UPR process praised Bahrain for achievements in protection and promotion of human rights.
While evaluating the effects of aging on the UPR in fruit flies, she noticed that molecular markers of UPR activation were at higher levels in flies kept singly in vials, compared to same-aged flies kept in groups.
The repeal of the AFSPA had been recommended at the previous UPR cycle in 2012 and, therefore, it was no surprise that it made its appearance during the current review.
In the marine industry, UPR is used as an important coating material for boats and vessels.
This growth is driven by the high standard performance of UPR across all modern applications, such as sanitary wares, bathtubs, FRP, and shower fittings.
Kenrick--who had published experimental confirmation of the existence of the ionosphere in 1928--then a visiting faculty at UPR brought by physics chairman Facundo Bueso.
2009) reported benefits of using such a multifaceted mentoring model based on multi-institutional collaborations at the UPR Graduate School of Public Health.
The UPR mechanism was established by United Nations General Assembly resolution 60/251 with the aim of improving human rights situation in all UN member nations.