UPREUnfolded Protein Response Element
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As this kind of cis-acting element analysis immediately gave me a UPRE mutant with much weaker transcriptional activity than wild-type UPRE, I thought of and indeed conducted multicopy suppressor screening with this UPRE mutant, because I thought that only overexpression of the trans-acting factor would suppress the weak activity of the cis-acting element.
Under this scenario, if the UPRE is placed upstream of the reporter gene instead of the GAL4-binding site used for two-hybrid screening, then my factor, fused to the GAL4 activation domain (one hybrid), would constitutively enhance transcription of the reporter gene (Fig.
On the right is a plot of the relative error with the stopping iterations for DP, GCV, and UPRE labeled.
Dr Dacheux works in the UPRE Lyssavirus Dynamics and Host Adaptation unit at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and at the National Reference Centre for Rabies in Paris.