UPRMUniversity of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez
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Sensor sites are also shown, including the NWS NEXRAD site (NEX), Tropinet radar sites (purple dots) and ranges (purple dashes), the UPRM site (UPRM), the La Parguera site (LP), San Juan (SJ), NRCS soil moisture sites (black dots), and the Cabo Rojo soil moisture site (silver dot).
Instruments and field study preparations: (a) Cabo Rojo Tropinet radar system, (b) preparation for a radiosonde balloon launch, (c) radiosonde atop a UPRM building, (d) readying the Mayaguez site for soil moisture sensors, and (e) a soil moisture sensor.
Underscoring the program was AHG's interest in pursing an academic partnership with UPRM and a second nursing school, Mount Saint Mary's University specializing in the use of low fidelity and simulation labs.
UPRM School of Engineering has an extensive academic history in working with the local STEM high school programs within the Mayaguez municipality.
5 m, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi/Alabama, 12 March 1988; AMNH 253407, 16, Gulf of Mexico, NOAA Station 022, Texas, October 2006; AMNH 253408, 12, Gulf of Mexico, Texas, NOAA Station 032, October 2006; AMNH 253409, 12, Gulf of Mexico, Texas, NOAA Station 045, October 2006; UPRM 2196, 1, 40 mm SL, off Anasco, Puerto Rico, 7 August 1964, J.
Several lots of Bollmannia from Puerto Rico, (UPRM 1551, UPRM 2196, ANSP 147645) were tentatively listed as B.
Paratypes: UPRM 3793, 162 mm SL, & UPRM 3794, 159 mm SL; Mona Passage, 18[degrees]24' N, 67[degrees]40' W; 188 fathoms (344 meters); 12 August 2005.
Holotype USNM 400888; Para I = Paratype, UPRM 3809; Para II = Paratype, UPRM 3794; Para III = Paratype, UPRM 3793.
FZ and ET acknowledge undergraduate student scholarships from the UPRM Biominds Program and the National Institutes of Health Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program.
Harper has been employed by UPRM since 1995 in the food processing and packaging area.